Food is more than just sustenance; it is our culture, our identity, and representative of our way of life. In the United States, the influence of many cultures flavors our palates. Although some people think of this country as a melting pot, it's more of a salad bowl with different groups of people and ideas thrown together in one place, without necessarily losing their original identities.

If the United States is what it eats, what would you say it is? What does it say about the things we value? And what are the things you think should change? Share with us at market on social media! #ffmshares

Here are a few writers who inspired us with their ideas:

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03/06/2017 1:04am

Fresh fruits are good for our health and we can buy the in everywhere. All fruit has different vitamins and minerals and we should all fruits in different time. Many fruit has sugar and diabetic patients try to eat with the balance.

03/07/2017 6:23pm

Food relieves stress. But be watchful in eating food that is bad for your diet. Too little is bad as well as too many. Just balance your diet. It says there that food is what you are. If you eat too much fatty food, it will lead to high blood pressure. If you eat too much salty food, it will lead to UTI. If you eat too much sweets, it will lead to diabetes. There are different kinds of food depends on the culture of people. They're good, but be careful. Avoid the restricted food for your health.


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