By Chantal Tseng

Chantal Tseng created this delicious not-too-sweet punch (and accompanying haiku) for a FRESHFARM fundraiser at Petworth Citizen. The combination of Three Springs Fruit Farm tart cherry juice (which you can find at our Downtown Silver Spring Market) and beet juice gives it a beautiful scarlet hue!  You'll find Chantal Fridays and Saturdays at the Petworth Citizen's Reading Room, where she pours cocktails inspired by literature and authors (menu changes weekly). 

Stir blood, earth & wine
A heart that bleeds knows passion
In fruit lies desire

This makes one drink, but scales up easily. 

1.5 oz. Jean Paul Brun Beaujolais
.75 oz. Jensen's London Dry Gin
1.5 oz. Three Springs Tart Cherry Juice
.75 oz. Biotta beet juice
garnish: dried blood orange slices 

Combine ingredients, serve in punch cup with two ice cubes, and garnish with dried blood orange slice.