1. From soil farmers to taco makers, our vibrant farmers markets support over 140 local farmers and small food producers, generating over $10 million in gross sales to fuel the mid-Atlantic foodshed.
  2. In today’s fast-paced and sometimes disconnected world, our markets are modern day town squares: community spaces that bring together people of all ages and economic backgrounds. City dwellers meet farmers, neighbors become friends, and sometimes people even find love. (Have a love story? Tell us about it.)
  3. We make it possible for you to shake the hand that feeds you!  Everything sold at our markets is grown or made by the people selling it. Have a question? Ask a farmer!
  4. We are delicious! From Brussels sprouts to burrata to donut peaches, the farmers and producers at our markets are a driving force in making the DMV one of the most exciting food scenes in our region.
  5. We're here for you! Unlike other area farmers markets that shut down for the winter, we’re open year round. Our farmers, producers, and market staff brave the brutal winter weather to bring you the freshest food the region has to offer.
  6. In addition to providing economic opportunities for farmers and food producers, we help them expand their business with scholarships to attend professional trainings and assistance accessing zero-interest loans for infrastructure enhancements.
  7. We are growing the next generation of food advocates with our FoodPrints project, working with 3,000 DC Public School students to teach them how to grow, harvest, and cook (and enjoy) such nutritious foods as kale!
  8. Are you mystified by kale and too old to enroll in FoodPrints? Through Chef at Market we host over 160 market demos a year, inviting chefs, nutritionists, and food educators to show you how to prepare simple meals with food you can get at the market.
  9. We believe that good food is for everyone! Matching Dollars lowers economic barriers to shopping at farmers markets by matching what customers using federal nutritional benefits spend.
  10. We fight food waste and hunger with our Gleaning project, connecting farmers with local emergency food organizations to collect tens of thousands of pounds of unsold market foods a year.
  11. Our markets are inclusive spaces for people and for produce, even the weird stuff that gets rejected from supermarkets for being the wrong size and shape. Case in the point: the above pictured daikon radish. 
  12. We aren’t shy, especially when asking our community for help! We love nourishing our food future, but can’t do it without your support. Please contribute to our work with a donation.
All produce is welcome at our markets, even the funny looking stuff. Daikon by Tree and Leaf Farm. 


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